Moth Talk: Mothproof Your Empire

What’sup Moth Guarders this isn’t a movie review blog but I love the new movie Darkest Hour!  It’s about war time England and the story of Winston Churchill who famously cheered on his countrymen to fight with the line “never never never give up never surrender”.  Blaming others for your moth problem will get you nowhere.  You simply must bring the battle to the enemy and it’s your duty to combat moths in any way shape or form.  The fight over your expensive garments and beautiful rugs is your fight to win.  Let’s get motivated, get started and begin mothproofing your Empire with Moth Guard.  Ordering Moth Guard is your arsenal against moths.  Now for this week’s mothproofing tip.  If you can break the moth life cycle just 3 consecutive times you will eliminate every moth in your home!!  Moth Guard protects by shielding your wool item with a flavor barrier so moth eggs hatch with nothing to eat!!  Unlike other insects moth larvae start eating immediately and and if they don’t will die within a few hours.  Moth Guard makes your wool’s inedible to keep you looking incredible!!

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