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Step 1. Know Your Enemy Up Close and Personal

Ladies and gents here she is!  This little bug with the tattered brown dress is about to fly out looking for a date on the town tonight eating your clothes and stripping your rugs.  She is such a flittering flirt with her slim legs and busty antennae.  She hits all the local singles scene looking […]

Moth Talk: Mothproof Your Empire

What’sup Moth Guarders this isn’t a movie review blog but I love the new movie Darkest Hour!  It’s about war time England and the story of Winston Churchill who famously cheered on his countrymen to fight with the line “never never never give up never surrender”.  Blaming others for your moth problem will get you […]

Moth Talk

Don’t laugh but the internet isn’t complete without a blog about dealing with hungry moths.  But if you’ve ever experienced the shock of discovering moth damage on an expensive wool suit or Persian carpet you’ll know there’s nothing funny about it.  Since before the time of Moses mankind has been in an uphill battle to […]