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Be proactive and ELIMINATE MOTHS FOREVER without offensive chemicals, smelly herbs or dangerous moth balls.

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This bug destroys anything made of wool.  If you have ever lost an expensive wool garment, cherished hand knitted heirloom or fine Persian carpet to moth damage, you need our safe and pleasant moth control.  Be proactive and ELIMINATE MOTHS FOREVER without offensive chemicals, smelly herbs or horrible moth balls.  Moth Guard is the only totally odorless answer to your fine woolens.  So now you can dress for that big occasion or important business meeting without smelling like a Christmas tree or foul chemicals.

What Moth Guard is Not:

Moth Guard is not a dangerous pesticide. Moth Guard does not contain any petroleum products. Moth Guard is not perfumed. Moth Guard is not bug spray.

Let Me Teach You How…

Get your free copy of our special 9-page report titled “ELIMINATE MOTHS FOREVER.” This informative report contains tips and little known facts on how to get rid of any moth problem. It is absolutely free and is included with your order.

About Moth Guard



How much Moth Guard do I need?

A single packet creates 1/2 gallon of solution which is just enough to protect 20 sweaters OR save two 8×10 rugs.  We suggest to buy multiple packets as laundering will remove the protection and you will want to reapply immediately to avoid a reinfestation.

What is Moth Guard?

Moth Guard is a powder that you stir and dissolve in water and it simply works by making wool inedible to moths.

What can I do if I already have moths?

We have 4 decades of helping people rid themselves of moths forever and we will include our special report of ELIMINATE MOTHS FOREVER free with your order.  We will teach you ways to locate and special tips to attract moths to determine where their damaging infestations are in your home.  We also explain in detail how to create a moth free home forever!!

Is Moth Guard perfumed?

No that is why Moth Guard was invented.  Moth Guard is the only moth protector that works through taste and is completely odorless!!

How long is the shelf life?

The shelf life of Moth Guard is indefinite when still in the original unopened pouch and once mixed with water has a shelf life of 6 months.

How do I apply Moth Guard?

Just mix and dissolve as directed in water and use a common garden pump up type pressure sprayer.  We use the sprayer that manually pressurizes with several strokes of the handle and has an attached spray wand.  Always use a new sprayer and dedicate it to strictly using it for Moth Guard to avoid unknown contaminants from the last time you used the old sprayer.

How long does Moth Guard protect my wool items?

When used as directed Moth Guard works effectively for approximately 18 months.

Is Moth Guard safe?

Moth Guard is a form of fluoride and must be used as directed.  Once sprayed and allowed to dry the active ingredient is diluted to a very safe level and is perfectly safe for pets and human activity.

Will Moth Guard still be active after I cleaning my rugs or clothes?

No you must reapply Moth Guard after washing any item.

Can I buy Moth Guard in stores near my home?

Some craft and knitting stores may sell Moth Guard but most people order direct from our website or by calling our facility.  Call now 888-4DE-MOTH.

What are your office hours that I can phone?

Our phone is answered six days a week from 8 to 5 Monday through Saturday (CST).

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